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  • “I love working for Writerbay. I gained the financial stability that I want. Each time I am assigned to work on a case, I become a more competent writer. These days, I may say, I am more than just an expert writer. I write, edit, proofread, revise, make presentation materials on various topics and so on. If you want to become a well-paid writer and effectively manage your time at the comfort of your own place (e.g., home), try this reputable company. Highly recommended!”

    Ericjoined us in December 2012
  • “I have been working with Writerbay for more than one year. The positive points which encourage me to be consistently associated with this company include regular payouts, excellent Support Team, continuous flow of work, and well framed policies. This company takes care of the interests of writers and clients equally. Keep up the good job!”

    Annajoined us in March 2012
  • “I've been with Writerbay for some time and I enjoy working with them. My writing has improved so much from my first day, and that gives me a great feeling of satisfaction. I enjoy choosing my topics. The support team is super! I like working as part of the team here.”

    Vickijoined us in August 2011
  • “The journey with Writerbay is just getting better and better everyday. As I have said many times, my success would have not been possible without help of the Writer Support Team.”

    Andyjoined us in July 2013
  • “Thanks a lot for the financial independence and the opportunity to start my writing career with your company...”

    Vincentjoined us in April 2013
  • “With Writerbay you can earn good money and learn something new. It sets high standards that make writers achieve greater heights. I’m happy that I’ve found this job.”

    Andrewjoined us in April 2012
  • “I enjoy working for Writerbay.My writing skills improved and, thanks to Writerbay, I expanded my knowledge. The Support Team is great and they’re really doing everything to make the working environment friendly.”

    Alexandrajoined us in February 2012
  • “I am grateful to Writerbay for the golden opportunity they gave me. I now have the freedom to work whenever I want. The orders at Writerbay are always available and payment is wonderful. They highly value their writers. I feel proud working with Writerbay. Keep it up!”

    Emmajoined us in May 2012
  • “I've been a freelancer for 7 years, since I retired from government service, and I've been writing articles for different sites. Once I saw Writerbay ad on LinkedIn, where recruiters were inviting qualified writers to apply. Fortunately, I passed the tests. It's been a couple of years now, and I'm glad to say that I don't regret working with Writerbay. Their Writer Support Team is always ready to help.”

    Antoniojoined us in October 2012

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“The best aspects of the organization I would say are: timely payment, supportive team and flexible promotions”

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“Unlike the lazy and unconcerned support system of other academic help companies, the support staff here is very soft-spoken, understanding and supportive to the writers…”

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“Writerbay made me realize my potential and gave me much confidence. It is never out of projects! Writers are treated well and appreciated for all their hard work. The compensation is competitive and payments are made on time. I will recommend Writerbay to anyone, who loves writing and has passion for academic research.”

Pamelajoined us in February 2013

“I've been working with Writerbay since 2011. A few of the reasons why I continue to work with them include the opportunity to earn good money, flexible hours and the coolest (i.e. compassionate and understanding) Writer Support Team members.”

Davidjoined us in May 2011

“I have been working for Writerbay for some time, and it is by far the best experience I've had so far which is related to freelance writing jobs. I have been looking for years for website where I can earn a steady income, have chances for promotion, and express myself through my writing abilities. Writer Bay met all my expectations and it's the perfect match for me.”

Jodi-Annjoined us in November 2013

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