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In order to join our team of writers, you need to go through the application process, which consists of 5 simple steps:

Step #1 Fill in the application form

You will have to fill in the application form, where you will be asked to provide:

  • Personal information;
  • Contact information;
  • The list of disciplines you are proficient in;

You will start your writing career at our company as an academic writer; however, after your application is accepted, you will have an option to upgrade your account and join other departments of your choice.

Below are the available options:

Academic writing department
Research papers, essays, movie and literature reviews, book reports, bibliographies, etc.
Content writing department
SEO articles, copywriting, rewriting, blog writing, content articles, etc.
Business writing department
Business plans and proposals, letters of complaint, follow up letters, press releases, etc.
Individual writing department
Cover letters, admission essays, speeches, etc.

After you press the “Commit” button, you will be redirected to your personal account at our website, where you will have to verify your contact information.

Email verification procedure:

Check your email box
Copy the nine-digit code that you've received
Go back to your account and press "Submit email verification code" button
Insert the code and press "Submit" button

Cell phone verification procedure:

Press "Send cell phone verification code" button
Receive a nine-digit code as a text message on your phone
Go back to your account and press "Submit cell phone verification code" button
Insert the code and press "Submit" button
Step #2 Pass all the tests

You will have to pass several tests, so that we could evaluate your knowledge of English grammar and formatting styles (MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian).

To take the test, you need to go to the “Testing” section and press “Start now” button.

The maximum possible score for the grammar test is 15 points. Keep in mind that if you score less than 10 points, your application may not be considered.

Results will be available right after you complete the test.

Step #3 Upload your writing sample

You need to upload a work sample, so that we could assess your writing skills.


  • 275-350 words long;
  • Written on the given topic (you can find out what the topic is in your profile);
  • Plagiarism free (if you use any outside sources, make sure you cite them properly);

In order to upload your writing sample, you need to go to the “Testing” section, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the “Upload” button near the “Sample essay” field.

After that a window with a topic of your essay will show up.

Press “Upload” button again, select the required document and then click on “Submit”.

The writing sample should have an extension of .doc, .docx or .rtf.

Step #4 Upload your education certificate

You will have to upload a scan/electronic version/ picture of your diploma.

Upload process is basically the same as for the writing sample; you just need to submit the necessary files into the “Diploma” field.

Your education certificate must be sent as an image file (e.g., .jpeg or .jpg).

Step #5 Wait for the feedback from the manager

Wait for the e-mail from our manager with the information regarding your application. You will definitely get a response within 14 business days; however, it usually doesn’t take that long and you may receive a feedback within the next 5-6 business days after you submit your writing sample.

Your application might be approved, denied or you will be asked to revise it.

If your application was accepted, you should:

  • Log into your personal account at our website;
  • Click on the "Available orders" section in the top left corner of your control panel;
  • Choose a case that matches your area of expertise and payment expectations. Make sure you read the 'paper details' section attentively and check if all the needed files are in place. If something is missing, you should send a message to the customer asking for clarification;
  • After you make sure everything is clear, apply for the case. Do not forget to write a reason for your application, explaining why you are qualified to complete this assignment;

In case your application was sent for revision, you will have to:

  • Log into your personal account at our website;
  • Open the “Testing” section;
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page;
  • Review the revision comments in the “Sample Essay” or “Diploma” fields;
  • Revise your writing sample accordingly or provide us with an additional information/documents upon manager’s request;
  • Upload the revised version of your writing sample or required documents;
  • Wait for the final decision;

If your application was denied, you can apply again in no sooner than a year.

Frequently asked questions during the registration:
  • If you are having problems with the upload process, it is most likely that our system does not recognize the format of the document you are uploading.
  • The writing sample should have an extension of .doc, .docx or .rtf.
  • Your diploma can be sent as an image file (e.g., .jpeg or .jpg).
  • If the format is right and you still cannot upload the file, send it to us via email at
In some cases we can make an exception and change the topic of the essay that was assigned to you; however, you will have to provide strong reasons why you are not capable of producing the essay on a given topic in order to substantiate your request;

    In case you have not received a text message with the phone verification code, you need to make sure:

    • You have provided a cell phone number and it is valid
    • There is no extra 0 after the country code

    After that you should press “Resend verification code” button.

    If you did everything right and your attempts to verify the phone number have failed, you should call us at 1-800-444-57-59 and our Writer Support Team will assist you.

  • First and foremost, you need to make sure your email address is valid.
  • Second, you should check your SPAM folder. It is possible that we have sent you a verification code, but your email system has automatically flagged it as spam.
  • Third, you should press “Resend email verification code” button.
  • If you still have not received the code, you should email our Writer Support Team at .
In order to check the status of your application, you need to log into your account and find the Account Information box.
No. The registration is free of charge. You will not have to pay any fees at any time in the future either.