Registration Procedure

General questions


Do I have to pay for the registration? Are there any fees associated with working for WriterBay?

Both registration and membership are absolutely free of charge. You will not have to pay us anything ever.

What is the pass score on the Academic Writing Tutorial and Quiz?

There is no specific score on the quiz as it is not aimed to check your knowledge but to bring to your understanding the point we pay attention to. We would recommend you to thoroughly check the information in the tutorial as it contains the points we expect our writers to know and follow.

I have not managed to submit my writing prompt because of the bad Internet connection / the page suddenly closed. What should I do?

Please login to your personal profile with WriterBay, visit the Proficiency Test page and follow the instructions.

What are the requirements for the sample essay?

Your sample essay has to be written on one of the two topics assigned to you (you can find out what the topics are in your profile once you finish steps 1 and 2). The sample should be plagiarism-free and should contain 275-350 words and be formatted according to the formatting style assigned (APA or MLA). If you use any outside sources, make sure you cite them properly. Times New Roman 12 pt. font is recommended. The work should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx file).

I want to submit my sample essay first but this step is not available.

Please be informed that you can pass our application procedure only step by step. It means that firstly, you need to pass Step 1 "Academic Writing Tutorial and Quiz", only after that Step 2 "Writing prompt" will be available to you, and so on.

I cannot upload my sample essay and /or higher education / degree certificate photo. What should I do?

Please double check the format and size of the file you’re trying to upload.

The sample essay must have an extension of .doc, or .docx. A photo of your degree certificate must be uploaded as an image file in .jpg or jpeg format. If you are having problems with the upload process, it is most likely that our system does not recognize the format of the document you are uploading.

If the format is correct and you still cannot upload the file neither from your smartphone, nor from your PC/ laptop, please let us know about the problem via email at – in this case make sure to explain the problem in detail and attach the screenshot, so we could investigate the matter faster.

Is it required to upload my previous works in Step 4?

No, this step is optional. We will gladly review your previous works if you provide them, but if you miss this step, it will not influence the final result. If you decide to submit your previous works, up to three files will be enough - more will not be accepted by the system.

What is the status of my application?

In order to check the status of your application, you need to log into your account and find the notification at the top of the page.

If you see the notification saying that you are a few steps away from joining our team, it means that you have not finished our application procedure - check the steps below and finish them.

If it says that your application needs to be revised, make sure to check the steps highlighted in orange and carefully read the revision requirements. If you can see the date by which the feedback is expected, it means that you've done everything you were supposed to and now you need to wait for our final reply.

If you cannot log in, please check your inbox for notifications from us.

How long will it take for my account to be reviewed?

It usually takes up to two business weeks for us to review your application after you submit all the required documents, however, we always do our best to check the applications as soon as possible.

It has been over two weeks since I submitted my application. Why have I not received a response yet?

Make sure you have successfully completed all the required steps. Your application cannot be processed until you pass the whole procedure. Also, please log in and check if there are steps to revise. If you have already done so, then the delay is from our side. Please do not worry and be patient, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I cannot log into my account even though I am entering the correct log-in information.

Please check your inbox for notifications from us on your account status. Make sure also to check Spam / Junk folder to make sure your email system did not automatically flag our email as spam.

You may also use the "forgot password" button and create another password.

My application was denied. Can I reapply?

Please note that the decision we made is final and cannot be changed. You may apply again in no sooner than a year.

Can I re-sell or publish the texts I write through WriterBay? Can I include them in my portfolio?

No. Doing so would violate our Terms and Conditions and put under threat our further cooperation with you.

Do you have any Loyalty program?

Definitely. You may reach different levels depending on the amount of orders you complete with us. These levels also presuppose possibility to take some orders automatically as well as some extra bonuses to your salary.

Note, to achieve the required level you should apply for it via the “Get a promotion” button. More details are available in the Performance Overview section of your WriterBay profile.

What are the formatting styles?

Formatting styles - APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard - are standards, according to which academic papers should be formatted.

We suggest you check out the links presented below for your writing experience to be more pleasant and productive:

  • MLA

Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Useful resource that includes all the MLA style requirements. The resource is easy to use and understand. Here you can also download a sample MLA paper.

Official MLA Website

An official resource of the Modern Language Association that developed the style guidelines. Offers for sale the latest editions of official publications.

  • APA

Purdue OWL: APA Formatting and Style Guide

Here you will find the most current requirements of the APA formatting style. You can also download a sample paper formatted in accordance with the official American Psychology Association's guidelines.

Official APA Website

This is an official website of the American Psychological Association that developed the APA style. Here you can find APA style FAQ and order the style manual.

  • Chicago

Purdue OWL: Chicago Manual of Style

Here you can find a useful guide to the Chicago style. You will have a chance to become familiar with the detailed description of the latest style requirements for the formatting of different types of material.

Official Website

Here you can find the style FAQ and can order the style manual.

  • Harvard

Harvard System of Referencing Guide

Here you will find useful information on the Harvard referencing style and examples of proper formatting.

Can you give me any writing tips?

Of course. Below you may find some services that can help you out:

  • ThoughtCo Writing Tips

    Here you can find a lot of useful information on writing tips and ways of improving your writing.

  • Guide to Grammar and Writing

    On this resource you can find many writing and organizational tips. The website also offers various quizzes and tests for you to find out what you have learned from the website.

  • Grammar Checker

    An automated proofreader and your own grammar coach. Check your writing for grammatical and punctuational errors.

How can I receive updates about my orders?

We offer a wide variety of options for notifications: our main notification channel is Telegram bot that you will have to join. The bot will provide you with a possibility of actions that you will be able to perform without accessing the platform.

You will also receive email notifications about orders.

On urgent matters we may send you an SMS or give you a call.

Can I be fined on

Yes. Below is a list of reasons you could be fined for (in accordance with our Terms and Conditions):

  • Plagiarism
  • Errors in the formatting of the paper
  • Not answering the call
  • Late submission
  • Withdrawal from the case without a valid reason
  • Delivery of a poor-quality work
  • Not following the order instructions

Short overview of the fines is available in "Performance Overview" section of your personal account (make sure to scroll down to "Fines").

Is it ethical? Is it legal? Will I get in trouble for writing such papers?

Academic writing service is ethical and working for us is absolutely legal. This is not about writing and selling papers for students. These works are often needed by people who want to save their time and conduct a profound research for their scientific works.

Papers you write for our website's customers can be used only as examples of high-quality writing. That means that the company retains the copyright and any other rights to use the product.

How can I be sure that WriterBay is not a scam?

If you have doubts, you can contact our Writer Support Team through live chat, email or by phone at any time of day and night to make sure we are who we claim to be. You can also see our Terms and Conditions page to make sure we are not going to rip you off.

What is the referral program?

Referral Program lets you earn additional income. If you refer your friends to us and they start writing, you will receive 3% from every order they are paid for on our platform.

When do I get paid?

All the payments are processed between the 1st - 5th and 16th-20th of every month. The minimum amount we can pay is $100. You will receive the money only if your account balance exceeds $100.

We do provide exceptions for the first payout as the limit for the funds withdrawal is $50. In this case you should submit your payment details 4 days prior to the beginning of the payout.

How do I receive my money?

We offer several payment methods, so that you can choose the option that best meets your needs. To get more detailed information, visit our Payments page.

Do you offer direct deposit or wire transfer?

You can choose Global Bank Transfer service (powered by Payoneer), which includes local bank transfers, wire transfers, and US ACH. This service offers bank transfers to more than 200 countries, in over 50 currencies, starting at only $2.99 per transfer. To get more detailed information, visit our Payments page.

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