If you are looking for a freelance writing job with a flexible schedule and a variety of orders to choose from, our company is for you! Other than writing skills and strong desire to make money, all you need to begin working with us is an Internet connection.

We are looking for writers who are proficient in their respective fields and who can deliver high-quality papers on time.

We offer the biggest selection of writing jobs on the web. You can always find one that fits your writing style and area of expertise the most. We hope that given this flexibility, you will not only earn money with us but also improve your writing skills. You can't go wrong with that.

Consider writing for us if you wish to be getting good money while working from home.

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Payments twice per month
  • Fair terms and conditions
  • Helpful Writer Support Team
  • Enough room for personal growth
  • The right to manage the workload on your own
  • A variety of available writing jobs
  • No registration fees and a free lifetime membership

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, we grant a promotion to those writers who never fail to produce high quality papers.

  • If you have not been working with us for a very long time, but all your clients are satisfied with the quality of your writing, your writer’s status will be upgraded to PRO light and you will receive a bonus in amount of 15% for every order.
  • In case you are one of our senior writers and we are completely satisfied with your overall performance, you will be granted a PRO writer’s status. This means that your salary will be increased: for every successfully completed order you will get a 25% bonus. Besides, you won’t have to wait for the approval of our Quality Assurance Department when applying for cases, they will be automatically assigned to you after clicking the 'apply' button. Exceptions apply to the orders that require further clarification.
  • If you have completed a lot of orders with us, you may take part in our Loyalty program which allows you to receive promotion and up to 7% bonus for the total amount of orders completed with us as well as possibility to take some orders automatically.

How to get started?


Register at Writerbay.com

Fill in the registration form and provide us with the valid personal and contact information, so that we could contact you in case we have any urgent questions regarding your writing projects.


Pass the grammar test

Take a simple test, which consists of 15 multiple choice questions and show us your fluency in English. When you are done with the grammar test, you will have to pass a test on your knowledge of how to avoid plagiarism. The maximum score for the grammar test is 15 points, there is no minimum score – the more correct answers, the better.


Upload your essay, diploma and CV

Write a sample essay on the given topic and upload your education certificate or academic transcripts as well as your CV. After you complete the above-mentioned steps of the registration process, we will evaluate your application and make a decision regarding cooperation with you.

How it works?


Select the writing project

When a customer orders an academic writing assignment, we need to find the writer to complete it. It could be you! We receive various writing projects daily and you will definitely find one that matches your area of expertise. If you have any questions about the order, you can always contact either the client or the Writer Support Team (available 24/7).


Upload the work

As soon as the work is finished, you need to upload it into your personal account as well as mark it as “Final”. The client reviews the work and, if they are satisfied with the quality, the money for the order gets credited to your account. In case the work requires revision, you will be given an additional time to amend it.


Get paid for your work

We offer you a competitive salary and good profit. With us you can get up to $20 per page and earn part-time or even full-time income. Please note that you get paid twice per month; however, you need to choose the payment option first. To get more detailed information, please visit our Payments page.

If you feel that freelance writing career is for you, fill in the registration form and start making money with your creativity and knowledge.

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